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South Sudan Ministry

Our Mission

Sudan Rebirth Ministry was formed to provide ministry and support to empower the people of South Sudan through faith, health, education, and other such charitable religious and education purposes.

Scholarship Project

Currently, our main project is working to provide educational assistance to kindergarten through graduate level South Sudanese students. 

In 2010 the enrollment of students in primary school in South Sudan was 46%. Fewer children complete all 8 years of primary education. Teacher to student ratio is 1 to 117. 90% of the South Sudanese population live on less than $1.00 per day. This is despite the GDP per capita of the entirety of Sudan being $1,200.00 ($3.29/day).


​How You Can Help

The cost of one term of Primary School per child is $250.00. The cost of one term Secondary School per student is $300.00. University tuition is $2,000.00. While any donation helps, sponsoring a child is a both an easy as well as tremendously effective way to make a difference in the world.

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